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Bone of origin

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Bone English name "Bone China", the original Chinese name of "bone china" is just out of the "hardcore" of the word taboo and known as the "bone", the national standard name is still "bone china."

Bone is the incorporation of animal ashes in ceramic raw materials, high temperature and low temperature glaze firing unglazed fired twice, becoming the whiteness, transparency, delicate porcelain, glazed porcelain, bright flat, known as "thin paper, white as jade, bright as a mirror, such as chime sound "reputation.

Bone originated in Britain, circa 1800 invention for the inventor of the world face many disputes, there is said to Qiaoxia · Spode (Josiah · spode), also said that in order. Bone comedy invention course quite accidentally in the manufacturing process is the incorporation of animal ashes, after continued research derived, the basic formula is the first six quarters of the ashes and pottery stone but later evolved into fiftieth ashes Twenty-five parts of twenty-five parts of clay and porcelain stone, until today has been considered a standard formula in the United Kingdom.

Two hundred years, the bone through the hands of generations of Ming Jiang, and gradually developed into the world ceramic treasures.

Bone materials research, production of fine, rigorous standards, its regularity various indicators, white, transparency and thermal stability are demanding. Since the high-grade bone complex process, making difficult than ordinary porcelain, its production technology to be popular only in recent years.

Bone because of its unique shape, simple and neat, white and delicate texture, has long been the aristocracy with the porcelain, is recognized as the world's currently the only high-grade porcelain species.

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