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Microwave cooking, much less nutrient loss OR

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With the popularity of microwave ovens in the kitchen frying frying people are less and less. Some friends chose to microwave cooking, I feel it fast, and convenient, in the summer the most appropriate. However, the last six months, I do not know how many friends have asked me the same question: Large nutrient losses do microwave cooking? After I heard it all off bare microwave vitamin, is not that true?

Before discussing this issue, take a look at how various cooking characteristics.

Boiled cooking methods, such as boiling, boil, blanch, the basic approach is to rely on water to heat the food, the process of heat transfer in a large number of soluble substances into the water. So, if you do not drink the soup, the loss of nutrients is certainly not small. In contrast, blanch law wok temperature, heating time is short, so nutrients than cold water under the pot smaller losses.

Fry method of cooking, such as frying, deep-fried, fried and so on, the basic method is to heat oil-based heating method for direct heat transfer pot supplement. Its cooking is faster, less water soluble losses. If you hold too much oil, the loss of nutrients is usually less than the boiling method.

Microwave cooking is to allow rapid heating of food molecules new ways. It is heated, in fact, is mainly water molecules in food, it is suitable for a variety of water-rich foods. Because of the high efficiency of microwave heating, so it's cooking time will be shortened, and almost no loss of water soluble problem, it will not increase too much fat in the dishes were. Its main drawback is the aroma somewhat inadequate, no effect outside the coke tender.

However, boiled and fried and compared to the loss of nutrients microwave cooking in the end what? This kind of thing must not be taken for granted, or to study the results speak for themselves.

A study abroad among the four kinds of cooked vegetables, including tender beans, eggplant, kohlrabi, turnips. The researchers are using traditional cooking methods, pressure cooking or microwave cooking to process, analyze the state of conservation of nutrients. The results showed that, regardless of which method, in which the protein, fat, total ash, calcium, phosphorus, iron and dietary fiber content before and after the changes are small cooking. Real big change is vitamin C, the biggest loss in its high-pressure cooking, followed by microwave cooking and traditional cooking [1].

Our study found that, after cooking shepherd's purse, the biggest loss of vitamin C is blanch 2 minutes, the loss of up to 63 percent; and losses Fry 2 minutes 23%, two minutes of microwave high fire losses, only 12% [2] . In fact, the magnitude of the loss of vitamins, so much depends on the heating medium for cooking, as it depends more on the heating time and the final temperature [3]. Due to the high efficiency of microwave cooking, it takes less time, less water, when it reaches maturity or achieve sterilization requirements are lower than the loss of vitamins, at least not more than fried cooking method, will greatly lower than water cook method [4].

It seems, microwave cooking a slight advantage on the vitamin project. So, antioxidants do? A study done with green asparagus can illustrate the problem. In order to produce canned asparagus, the researchers designed several sterilization equipment, a microwave circulating water heating system, and the other is high pressure water heating system, as well as ordinary steam heating system. The results showed that the most prestigious asparagus antioxidants - rutin, preservation rate after treatment of various heating methods are very close. Then measured antioxidant activity asparagus, found antioxidant activity microwave sterilization system even higher than some of the other two methods. Moreover, researchers are delighted to discover that asparagus color microwaved greener and more beautiful [5].

Chinese cooking study also found that a major advantage of microwave cooking is that the color of green vegetables. Two studies have found wild cooking, microwave cooking smaller loss of chlorophyll. For example, bitter herbs after microwave cooking, the loss of chlorophyll is only 8.2%, while the loss of chlorophyll after blanch up 46.9% [6].

In fact, in food processing which, appropriately with a microwave to replace the traditional heating methods, they tend to bring nutrient loss decreased good results, such as garlic deodorization [7] or tomato juice production [8].

Also found that microwave heating time is short, easy to control, is not likely to cause uneven heating and excessive heating of the phenomenon, it is possible to reduce carcinogens in food heated to high temperatures generated by the overheating of the formation of heterocyclic amines such as proteins, as well as starch food overheating acrylamide [9].

All in all, for a variety of high-moisture foods, if properly control the time, reached the required cooking time, microwave cooking compared to other cooking methods, there are certain advantages in terms of nutrient preservation.


1 microwave itself harmful to health, although commercially available microwave are qualified, but should still try to use the microwave oven when it farther distance.

2 is suitable for microwave heating of foods with high moisture content, and less fat and more water is not suitable for food, dried food not suitable. Need surface crisp foods do not fit, so it can not replace the oven and frying pan.

3 While microwave cooking nutrient loss is relatively small, but if excessive heating is another thing back. So it should be in accordance with the norms of the time and firepower to cook, slightly lower temperature than conventional cooking, which reduces the loss of nutrients in order to play the advantages of both power and health. For example, heating 1 cup of milk, only one minute of high-firepower; heating leftovers need only half the disk 1-2 minutes.

4 Be sure to pay attention, it is best not to use the microwave to heat yogurt and other foods containing live bacteria, because it will kill the bacteria which reduce health care value.

5 for insurance purposes, nor can microwave heating baby formula.

6 Never use microwaves of plasma, or heat a variety of biochemical products, but this is not a nutrition friends.

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