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Fitness Trainer half by half eating

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Long muscles tendons eat, eat rice practicing body

Olympic Games is coming soon! Tailored for the Olympic menu for the athletes, ordinary people often feel elusive, in fact, of which there are many "essence" for public reference. In this, the Olympic normal diet experts teach you exercise, how should eat.

Movement can eat good

Sports nutrition inseparable. Vice president of the China Cuisine Association, the 2008 Beijing Olympic catering operations expert willow told reporters that people in the movement, will consume a certain amount of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and vitamins and water, and these materials mainly from the diet, "only to eat, drink well in order to ensure the normal operation of the various parts of the body to ensure good exercise effect. "

The United States also pointed out that a recent survey, 85% of people exercise effect nutrition and diet, only the rational nutrition, to promote muscle growth and development, to achieve the purpose of exercise. Many trainers also put forward the "half by train, half eating" point of view, to allow people to pay attention to sports diet.

Sports is closely related to diet

"Each sport has different dietary needs, scientific and rational diet will make exercise a multiplier effect." Willow says Olympic sports and athletes meal is closely related to daily life, people want to achieve the effect of different sports, diet on should be adjusted.

Strength training more than make up proteins. To trained a strong muscles, people often engaged dumbbells, barbells and other strength training, such a large amount of exercise training, the load weight, need more protein, in order to ensure adequate energy intake per kilogram of body weight should be 1 g -1.5 g protein, high protein beef is a good choice. He also recommended that people eat tendons, belly, loin, clams, conch, mussels, low-fat yogurt and other foods, because they are better able to help muscle tissue growth.

Learn to dance eat rice. For people who want to stay in shape, gymnastics, dance should be the preferred sport, but this movement does not consume a lot of fat. Therefore, in the diet, calories and fat intake should be lower, mainly with carbohydrates to provide energy. Rice is a supplement of the best carbohydrate foods can make you more energetic when in motion.

I love to play more soup. Table tennis, badminton, tennis can train a person's reaction speed and flexibility, in addition to a normal diet, you can drink some soup, which is rich in calcium and some amino acids also help exercise. Because of these sports people's vision intense activity, should also be given adequate vitamin A or carotenoids, you can take the right amount of cod liver oil if necessary.

Diet with exercise time change

Sports diet should be focused and pay attention to balance, at the same time, at different times of exercise, diet is also very different.

If in the early morning exercise, to be appropriate to add some sugar health drinks, such as milk, juice, sweet milk, also can eat fiber-rich crackers or bread, the best and then eat in 30 minutes after exercise. If the exercise time in the afternoon or evening, should no longer be carried out in three hours after a meal, choose food grains, fruits, starches and vegetables. After exercise can add some water, a little hungry, you can eat raisins, low-fat yogurt or a small piece of bread, but do not eat too much, so as not to affect the digestion and sleep.

Exercise, nor too full or hunger. In swimming, for example, twenty-three hours before exercise, you can eat some of the staple food, fish and vegetables. Up to a couple of food in the stomach during exercise. Swimming too hungry dizziness, nausea feel too full. In addition, exercise and diet have a great relationship, if you exercise less than one hour, no additional supplementary food, but to add water, drink 150 ml -300 ml of water every 15 minutes. Exercise in 1-3 hours, the best time to add sugar to avoid hypoglycemia.

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